Hands Are Itching For Fidget Quilts


Are you familiar with a “fidget quilt?” Harriett Whitlock, a member of the Swamp Fox Quilters’ Guild, chose to prepare a fidget quilt for her entry in this year’s quilt challenge.

A fidget quilt is used to calm the busy fidgety hands of an Alzheimer’s or dementia patient.  One of the last senses that an Alzheimer’s patient retains is the sense of touch.  The anxious and restless fingers reach out for tactile stimulation.  A fidget quilt can be a mat, a blanket, or even an apron.  Flannel is often used for backing on these quilts to help adhere to the patient’s lap. Fabric choices are important for their texture and color. Accent pieces include zippers, buttons, velcro, pockets, and laces. The different textures and activities help soothe the patient and ease the agitation. Harriett’s quilt, titled “Citrus Memories” features bright summery colors of yellow, orange, and lime green.  Her piece is available for sale.